How do you keep your customers informed of updates? Do your advertising campaigns reach your target audience effectively?

What you spend on advertising could be managed more effectively with a monthly newsletter and that’s where we come in. A newsletter needs to be appealing and it needs to hit the right note. You don’t want to alienate your audience with a newsletter that fails to engage. You need to produce an attractive, concise and meaningful newsletter that really makes readers take an interest in what your business provides. The solution is simple – outsource your newsletter to our team of professional writers and editors. You won’t always have the time to write them yourself, you need to get on with business, so let us do it for you. Our team of writers, reviewers and translators which include both native English and French speakers, can provide the kind of newsletter that will convey your message well. Why not expand your potential client base by providing all your marketing literature in both English and French too? We can provide professional, well written content for leaflets, brochures, and your website.  We realise that French is still the most widely used language in Mauritius, but remember, there’s a growing English speaking population out there comprising of foreign investors, professionals, RES-IRS residents, in short, an expanding community of expatriates. These new contacts are an untapped market for your products and services. With a bilingual service you’ll expand your client base exponentially. And not just that – a bilingual service reaches a far wider audience outside of Mauritius at an international level. You want to be first in line to take advantage of this. Contact us now and if you’re still in doubt, let us convince you of the advantages of using our services. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet, maintain the competitive edge and get ahead, with professionally well written content you’ll be streets ahead of the rest.